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Mai Ishikawa Sutton

Mai Ishikawa Sutton is a writer and community organizer with a focus on technology, policy, and solidarity economics. She is the Associate Producer of DWeb Projects with the Internet Archive and was a co-organizer of DWeb Camp 2019. She is a Steward of Sudo Mesh, a community mesh network that also builds other open-source distributed networks in Oakland, CA. She is a Digital Commons Fellow with the Commons Network, a non-profit organization advocating for and developing policies for the commons in Europe. She was previously an organizer and writer for Shareable, and before that was a policy analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation focused on advocating for user rights within intellectual property rules in trade agreements and other international lawmaking institutions.

Day 07/31/2020
18:10-19:10 Holistic Digital Authorship by Mai Ishikawa Sutton and Udit Vira