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Nick Warner is a new media artist, technologist, and developer dedicated to designing and building excellent products and experiences that shift dystopia culture to sustainable healthiness, happiness, and helping everyone find joy. Nick's work focuses on making technology, artistic expression, and communication more accessible and fun. Examples of Nick's professional work include designing, 3D modeling, and programming a living, digital replica of Times Square in the Second Life metaverse for Samsung, building App Store Top 10 mobile apps for brands such as Ford Motor Company, American Apparel, and sportsYou, and creating interactive, multimedia web experiences for Estee Lauder, Aveda, MAC Cosmetics, Lexmark, Yellow Pages, and The Game Awards. Nick has worked with startups, enterprise businesses, nonprofits, and open source communities and he is actively working to divert technological dystopia from overcoming the human experience. Nick Warner knows it can be done with efficient engineering, smart human-centered design, and a vision focused on joy.

Day 07/30/2020
21:10-21:45 Cabal's Subjective Moderation System by cblgh and nickwarner