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The Dat Universe - Interoperability discussion

July 30, 20:00 - 21:00


How do different projects use Hypercores? How can the work with each other?

In this session we will try to give a quick overview of how the different projects in the community make use of Hypercores. We'll quickly talk about Multifeed, Hyperdrive, Corestore, Kappa Core and how these modules differ in their approach to feed and network management - and how projects like Beaker, Cabal, Cobox, DatDot, Sonar and others use them.

Then, for the main part of this session, we will moderate a discussion on different topics of interoperability and possible future collaboration points. Please feel very invited to join this discussion, both with ideas and questions on how the ecosystem could develop.

Expected duration: 1 hour

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