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Adding structured documentation to Dat

July 31, 19:30 - 21:30


3 part: Presentation, workshop and planning-group-meeting with the goal to bring structured documentation to JavaScript packages.

Structured documentation have found in different ways a place in the javascript ecosystem. Be it jsdoc, flow-type or typescript definition files: structured documentation is helpful in the exploration of a project (particularly options) to people outside of the project. Both martin and sam have been working on hyper* definition files and in Hyperswarm we have a discussion open on how to add TypeScript definition files #55 that haven't found their way in the project yet.

First we will have a short ~20min presentation on important things we learned about writing definitions files, followed by a 1h workshop to add declaration to a project and in a follow-up step we want to discuss how we can bring this practically to the whole system.

Expected duration: 2 hours

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