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Inclusive indexing of research outputs through decentralized web

July 31, 10:00 - 11:30


The primary goal of this facilitated discussion is to spark conversations and thoughts on the ways new knowledge is currently indexed, searched and integrated.

The currently available indexing services are based on peer-reviewed journal articles (Medline, Scopus etc), preprint focused (Prepubmed) or text based (Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic). Such indexing excludes the visibility of other non-traditional outputs such as data sets and figures, and at times peer-reviewed articles from select fields and indigenous communities. Academic status quo practices act as gatekeeper of knowledge by ranking research outputs as well as deciding which forms of knowledge become valid.

Intersectional approach will be used to refine an idea for a community owned platform to capture and search traditional as well as non-traditional research outputs with a persistent digital identifier.

Expected duration: 30 minutes

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