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Building a network library

July 31, 15:05 - 15:25


Libraries provide a way for knowledge to be structured and made available to all. As datasets become as important as books how will a library make it possible to find all the datasets? We will present and demo an implementation of a network library using hypertrie.

Librarians invented ways to describe knowledge, initially for books and manuscript and created structures to describe the content that are shared openly. In a digital age libraries need to structure knowledge of images, video, code and datasets etc. These come from many authors and on a daily volume hard for humans to keep pace with. Inspired by projects like how would such thinking work on peer to peer infrastructure? We will demonstrate working code of a network library ( ) that creates a set of 'smart' reference contracts that describe datatypes, computations, visualizations and modules that allow for the creation of network experiments.

Expected duration: 20 minutes

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