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Holistic Digital Authorship

July 31, 18:10 - 19:10


This collaborative workshop prompts discussion around precarious and hidden labour in digital authorship and open source development. Through conversations and drawings, we will explore tensions between social purpose vs. free labour, and our atomization in a competitive content market as creators.

Inspired by Holistic Security by Tactical Tech and the Revolutionary Networked Politics presentations at transmediale, we will engage through a holistic approach that centres on self-care and the well-being of content authors. There are many topics relevant to digital publishing, such as: equitable compensations and dignified livelihoods, creative expression on moderated platforms, security and anonymity in online spaces. How does one navigate the complex environments and entrenched power structures of the Web? What is the cost of the labour asked of an individual creator and the impact on their well-being?

As an initiative of the Distributed Press project, and inspired by a surrealist parlour game, we will assemble the words and images generated during our workshop to compose a work of collective authorship to express our aspirations for the future web.

Expected duration: 1 hour

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